Bob Beers is running for Las Vegas City Council - Ward 4

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Bob Beers

Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers represented Ward 2 (south of Lake Mead Drive) from 2011 to 2015. In 2014, the Badlands Golf Course failed. It had been built on land zoned residential that could always be developed. The law says zoning has value, and that for a city council to take away zoning rights already granted is a “taking” subject to emminent domain – that is, government cannot take away people’s things without fairly compensating them for it.

Yet that’s just what a wealthy group of homeowners who lived next to the Badlands Golf Course demanded. Councilman Beers held the line for taxpayers against carrot and stick, until the homeowners spent an obscene amount of money and removed Beers at the next election.

The Nevada Supreme Court since ruled Beers had been right all along. The Las Vegas Review Journal opined “Had the city listened to Mr. Beers, it wouldn’t be in this mess” on October 2, 2021.

Councilman Beers and his wife moved to Sun City Summerlin in 2018, from Ward 2 into Ward 4. There, longtime Councilman Stavros Anthony is term-limited from running again. Late in 2021, it become more certain that Beers would remain in Ward 4 after the City Council redraws district boundaries, and Beers decided to run for the vacant Ward 4 office.

With work associates in Portland, Beers has watched through their eyes as the city melted down amidst bad government decisions to cripple law enforcement. We can’t let that happen here.

Bob Beers is a Las Vegas CPA who has the private and public sector experience to keep the City of Las Vegas focused on the quality of life we enjoy in Council Ward 4. As a UNLV business graduate and 30-year Certified Public Accountant, Beers has started and sold two consulting businesses who provided IT and assurance services. As a near-lifelong Las Vegas citizen, he served in the Nevada Legislature (1999-2008) and Las Vegas City Council (2011-2016) with honor, respect and distinction.